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Yarra Bay

16ft Skiff Sailing Club

Yarra Rd, Phillip Bay

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2017-2018 Season Dates

Registration Day:
Sunday 17th September from 10am in the Boatsheds beneath the Club

Adult Learn to Sail Dates:
15th October - 17th December

Junior Learn to Sail Dates:
15th October - 17th December

15th October: Racing Begins
17th December: Family Fun Day, Start of Christmas/New Year Break

26th January: Australia Day Regatta

25th April: Anzac Day Regatta
June: Presentation Night

Adult Sailing Program

We offer training for adults on Sunday mornings from 9am, designed to give you the ability and confidence sail by yourself, and to join us in our club racing on Sunday afternoons. Learn on our lasers or bring your own boat.
Fees cover registration and tuition, with boat hire available if required!
Email us to find out more at: yarrabaysail@gmail.com

Junior Sailing Program

Our junior learn to sailing program runs from October to April each year from 9am to 12pm on Sunday mornings. From age 7 to 12 they spend 1-2 seasons in Skyriders or Sabots and then progress to Bics.


Club Racing

Club races are open to all sailing members, junior and senior.
Sailors compete for:
Club Championship and Pointscore as well as the Junior Champion and pointscore.
Race starts at 1pm each Sunday, all monohulls and multihulls are welcome.
See the Sailing instructions and Race program for more details.


The general aims of Yarra Bay 16ft. Skiff Sailing Club, Sailing Division are to promote, foster and train junior sailors up to the age of eighteen. The Club Board does this by promoting Flying Ants, Lasers, Sabots and other classes of yachts, including Skyriders for training. Put simply, we help children have good safe fun whilst they enjoy the sport of sailing.


While all care is taken with junior sailors, the Club accepts no liability for damage to craft or any injury to any person participating in the Club's activities either training or racing. All persons put to sea at their own discretion and shall ensure that their craft is in a seaworthy condition, whether their craft is club property or privately owned.


The club welcomes and encourages parent participation in training, racing and social activities. The club requires parents of junior sailors participating in sailing activities, to stay in the immediate vicinity whilst sailing is in progress. Weather conditions on the bay can change quickly and parents must be on-hand in case they are needed.


The Club is concerned for the safety of junior sailors and insists they wear a buoyancy vest whilst on the water and that they are confident swimmers. A limited number of life jackets are made available to children who do not have their own. However, to avoid the disappointment of a jacket not being available the Club prefers all junior sailors to purchase their own.

One rescue boat and two "rubber duckies" are available whilst training and racing are in progress. Parents experienced and who hold a powerboat license are always needed to crew these craft during training. This allows the sailing instructors maximum time to spend with the children.

All juniors in the learn to sail program must sign on before the lesson and sign off at the completion of the lesson. This is a very important safety procedure.

The decision to start or abandon training or racing shall be at the safety committee's discretion. Instructions given by club officials must be obeyed at all times


Sailing instruction is given on Sunday mornings from 9:00am and is usually finished by noon, depending on weather conditions.


As well as assisting with the rescue craft and rigging and unrigging the sailing boats, parents are more than welcome to assist with the many other Club activities.

All the Club's craft are constantly maintained so they are in a safe and seaworthy condition. Repair work of this nature is mostly carried out on a Saturday afternoon in the Club boatshed. Skilled persons are required to help with maintenance and are again, most welcome.

All the Club's administrative duties are carried out by parents and other interested members. The club officers are elected for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting which is held before the sailing season begins, usually in mid-August each year.

A Sailing Committee meeting is held at the Club at 7.00 PM, on the first Thursday of each month during the sailing season and parents and sailors are welcome to attend. The Club also produces a program which lists all racing and training events, and dates for regattas.


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Please address all Training or Sailing Enquiries to


2017-2018 Fees

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2017-2018 Calendar

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Yarra Bay has many types of sailing dinghies available to the members to learn or hone their sailing skills, these include;

  • Skyriders
  • Sabots - http://sabot.au.com/
  • O'pen BICs - http://www.openbic.org.au
  • Laser - (Standard, Radial, and 4.7 rigs) - http://www.laser.asn.au/
  • NS14 - http://www.ns14.org/
  • Cherubs - http://www.cherub.org.au/


Yarra Bay Sailing Club is a proud sponsor of a number of Inter-club / Regional / State and Special occasion Regattas.

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